Thank you for visiting our profile page. I am Ida from the Sports Investment Committee.

My main business was an IT company. ··was. In fact, I was able to make a certain amount of money with the method introduced on this site, so I quit the company I used to work for.

So now it’s free. Or rather, I’m not working for a particular company, so can I be a free person?

I hope to help a little person like me who is working at a company with a cheap salary and distorting her face, and we have put together our know-how and created an HP like this.

it will be invested, it will be “investment in sports events overseas”.

In other words,
it can be explained using the soccer lottery TOTO.

It’s long from here, so please read it when you have time.

I think you’ve heard the name TOTO at least.

This is a “soccer lottery” that predicts the outcome of the game actually being played in the J League of Japanese soccer.

Let’s play Urawa Reds and Shimizu S-Pulse.

If Urawa Reds wins 2.0 times Shimizu S-Pulse wins and there is a 3.4 times refund.

If I expected 10,000 yen and Urawa Reds would win, and
if Urawa Reds did, I would get 20,000 yen.

However, if you lose, you will naturally lose 10,000 yen.

On the contrary, if Shimizu S-Pulse is expected to win and if that is the case,

I can get 34,000 yen.

However, if you lose, you will naturally lose 10,000 yen.
That’s obvious.

can be said to be gambling with a risk of 10,000 yen and a recovery of 20,000 to 34,000 yen .

Then how about this?

Of the 10,000 yen,
you bet 6300 yen on Urawa Reds and
3700 yen on Shimizu S-Pulse.

When Urawa Reds buys it, the magnification is 2.0 times, so you can get 12600 yen.

Even if you buy Shimizu S-Pulse, the magnification is 3.4 times, so you can get 12580 yen.

The original money is 10,000 yen, so I can get about 12,600 yen whichever wins.

Either way, you can always make a profit. In other words, it can be said that there is no risk.  You may hear a voice saying, “Well

, if either one wins, it would be profitable for everyone to
bet in the same way . Then would TOTO be destroyed?”

exactly. If there is such a story,
TOTO will be destroyed. Therefore, this magnification is strange.
It is an impossible magnification.

A common pattern is
1.6 times and win Urawa Red Diamonds, have become such as 2.4 times the refund and Shimizu S-Pulse to win

can bet the 4000 yen bet 6,000 yen to Urawa Reds of 1 million yen to the Shimizu S-Pulse

If Urawa Reds buys, the multiplying factor is 1.6 times , so

the refund is 9600 yen. Even if Shimizu S-Pulse buys, the multiplying factor is 2.4 times.

It should be decreasing.

This is an absolute law. Speaking of course is a natural story.

This is a law in Japan.

When you bring this overseas, there is actually a pattern like the former.

In other words, you can invest at a risk-free multiple.


There are many overseas betting centers like TOTO.
It is called Book Maker.

It exists across countries.

What it means is that multiple players are targeting a single game (such as the Soccer Premier League)

For example, let  ‘s say
Manchester United (the team Beckham previously belonged to)
and Arsenal played in the Premier League of British football .

Company A (body) in the United Kingdom had
Manchester with 2.0x
Arsenal and 1.5x odds.

Of course, no matter how you spread and
bet in the same way as before , you will lose.

Company B (body) in the United States had
Manchester with 1.6 times
Arsenal and 2.4 times odds.

Of course, no matter how you spread and
bet in the same way as above, you will lose.

So what do you do? it’s simple.
Bet on Manchester (2.0x) at Company A in the United Kingdom
and Arsenal (2.4x) at Company B on the United States.

A company in the United Kingdom bets on Manchester (2.0 times) for 5450 yen, and
a B company in the United States bets on Arsenal (2.4 times) for 4550 yen.

Then, if Manchester wins, a refund of 10900 yen If
Arsenal wins, with a refund of 10920 yen no
matter which wins, about 900 yen can make a profit without risk.

Invest 10,000 yen and collect 10,900 yen.
You can recover about 9% profit.

If you invest 100,000 yen, you can recover 109,000 yen.
You can get 9000 yen without risk.
In other words, it is a method of always making a profit by changing the body of the bet in the same game.

In other words, we only invest in games that make money.

You may be told, “What’s so plain.”

I’m sorry. It’s plain. But did you understand that it’s definitely a profitable story?

This sporting event takes place daily around the world. Lottery is sold in all professional sports such as soccer, baseball, and tennis. There are many gambling lovers in the world.
By using this online, you can recover 3-5% profit every time.

Since there are 5 to 10 such profitableevents a day, we will disperse and bet on those events in
about 30 minutes

Then every month, my money will increase by about 30%. Isn’t it funny? The important thing here is how to get that information. Anyone can bet on a regular bet on a sporting event abroad.

But of course it is gambling. Same as TOTO in Japan. If you do your best, you may be able to find the body with the odds like the previous one on your own . However, there are trunks all over the world.

In other words, it’s quite difficult to search by yourself. If you spend a huge amount of time and find one, you will get a few percent of your investment. You can’t continue to do that hard every day. The world is wide.
Instead of me, there is a company that looks for it and emails me.The company will send you 5-10 daily profitable investment information by e-mail for about 6000 yen per month for one month